When my kids were born, I imagined one day I'd come home from work and they'd greet me at the door with excited shouts and hugs. The opposite turned out to be the case.

When I'd open the door after a long day at work, my young kids would look up and scream "It's the bear!" and scatter. I'd set down my bag and make growling noises like a bear, and chase them around the house, eventually wrapping them up in dad-sized bear hugs. So, they became the "Little Bears."

I love that story. Every family has one like it. That's the philosophy behind Little Bear Graphics—childhood is short, and before you know it, your little bears aren't little anymore. Make the most of their childhood years with fun apparel, art and décor for their rooms and your home. (There are even items that let parents relax and enjoy, too!)

We also are in the business of creating apparel for sports teams, religious groups, schools, family events, fundraisers—any opportunity to mark a special event in your family. Let us know how we can help you!

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