• Matt Loehrer

Welcome to the Little Bear blog!

There were several reasons Robyn and I started this business, and a big one was that our skillsets naturally complemented one another—she is a natural salesperson and a beautiful face for the company, organized and efficient. Me, not so much. Designing, creating, making—that's my bag. We make a good team.

What does this have to do with you? We're learning from each other, but we're also learning to TEACH. In a similar way, we aim to use this blog to teach—about design, printing, materials, the processes we use, and so on. You'll probably hear more than you want to about comic books and brewing beer, be forewarned. And if you have a question, please, ask it!

Now, enjoy a photo of my baby girl wearing my dad's giant newsie hat. Kids are hilarious.


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